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Winter – the water element

Winter - the water element

According to the 5 elements theory Wu Xing, winter includes the element of water.

The five element theory is used in acupuncture, among other fields. It has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine, a healing method that is more than 5,000 years old. Within Wu Xing, the five element theory is used to create a character type classification of animals.
If you know which element is predominant in your animal, you can look at your animal from a different point of view and apply this in such things as the animal’s environment and diet.
It can also greatly benefit your relationship to your animal; perhaps the expectations you have of your animal do not match the characteristics of his or her element.

Water type animals are very alert, sensitive, intelligent and wise animal, who live according their ‘gut feeling’. They are calm and non-intrusive but they like to run and are very fast. They have very strong willpower and can be very stubborn. They can analize people and animals very well. They are single-minded, often focused on one leader where they feel safe.

Water type horses are characterized as the beautiful, subdued loners.
These horses possess tremendous willpower, shiny coats, shapely bodies and piercing eyes.
Water horses need space, and if you let her have her own dignity, she can show what she can do.

Water type dogs are very smart and alert animals. They keep their distance and shiver quickly.
A safe environment, calm playfulness and patience are preconditions for training so that fear does not predominate. They can quickly do submission peeing.

Water type cats are calm, alert and reserved animals.
They hide quickly, for example when someone rings the bell or when visitors arrive.

Water type rabbits are very alert and skittish rabbits.
They are easily startled and are not suitable to be kept in a busy family as an indoor rabbit.
They are very fast and hide quickly; they are ‘faint-hearted’.

Want to learn more about the 5 elements-how to apply them to your animal?

For horses, Eric Laarakker has written the book "Horse Types."
For dogs, cats and rabbits, veterinarian Aleid Hillebrand, in collaboration with Eric Laarakker, has written the book "Get to know your dog, cat or rabbit with the Five Elements"
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