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Ask me anything 23/1

Today we are going to answer some more questions asked during the Question Fire on Friday.
Do you also have questions? You can ask them at the Facebook post of the Questions Fire on Friday!

Question: “Is there a big difference between the human sound files and those for animals? In the beginning I sometimes accidentally printed 😅 humane files for a horse (with that slider it is no longer as fast as possible when they were still mixed up) and is the difference between, for example, a dog and a horse negligible?”
➡️There’s not even a difference between the files! The reason it is split up is purely practical, some human stocks do not exist for animals and vice versa

This way the search is faster/easier.

Question: “In your opinion, what is the best treatment method for a horse with an ulcer?”
➡️First of all, try to find out if the ulcer is a primary or a secondary problem. For example, if an animal has pain elsewhere in the body, experiences stress as a result and develops stomach ulcers, it is very important to treat this as well, otherwise it is only symptom control.
In addition, the overall management of stomach problems is extremely important. Food, housing, exercise, social contact, etc. Then the best treatment plan is looked at for each animal. This is often a combination of medication/supplements and sound therapy.


Question: “What to do with a horse that regularly has a thick tube? (Horse has Lyme)”
➡️This depends on whether the Lyme triggers this or not. So it is advisable to present this to the practitioner.
It can also be useful to check/clean the tube regularly.

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