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Ask me anything 5/3

Today we are going to answer some more questions asked during Questions Fire on Friday. Do you also have questions? You can ask them at the Ask me anything on Friday Facebook post!

Question: “I would like to know more about the herpes virus in dogs, what I have already understood is that it would not really be curable that it always stays in the body but in sleep and it wakes up occasionally. How do they contract it? And what can you do to support the dog? Or is it curable?”
➡️Een herpesvirus, in both humans and animals, remains dormant in the body. During periods of reduced resistance, it can then become active again. It is therefore recommended to keep the resistance good (a good intestinal flora is very important in this) and avoid stress as much as possible.
L-Lysine is an important supporter of herpes viruses. For example, Phytonics and PUUR have L-Lysine for pets on the market. Dogs get herpes virus through direct contact (sniffing/licking) with an animal that is already infected.

Question: “an older horse with an ulcer,what treatment is best for that with infomation medicine?”
➡️ The Files Stomach, Regeneration and Digestion & Metabolism.
In addition, Lever is important. A liver energy out of balance produces anger, frustration and stress. Stress is a major factor in the development of peptic ulcers.
Therefore, in addition to the aforementioned files, it may make sense to choose grounding & relaxation, Inner balance and/or Stress, for example.

Q: “Pollen season has already started/is coming. How can I help my horse who has pollen allergy? Supplements/treatments etc.”
➡️The tricky thing about a pollen allergy is that it is difficult to identify which pollen the animal is most allergic to. Are these tree pollen or just grass pollen? There is still quite a big difference here. As a result, some animals benefit from the PUUR Pollen remedy, while for others it does too little. In any case, the most important thing is to get/keep the immune system as good as possible. With an allergy, this is often considerable over-stimulation.
Phytonics Immu boost pro can be used for an overstimulated immune system and supports resistance.
In addition, it can be good to reduce waste products (detox), for this purpose, for example, the Peatrenk is a nice remedy.
Finally, you can treat your animal yourself using sound therapy from Information Medicine.
Then choose files like “Allergy,” “Autoimmune,” “Immune system boost,” “Detox,” “Regeneration.”
Furthermore, the specific complaints can still be treated. So for itching “Skin” and for watery eyes “Eye & Vision” etc.

Question: “I have been feeding my horses grain-free feed for several years. Two of my horses are earth types. I am considering giving them a handful of grains through the feed anyway. Is this necessary or can they do fine without these grains?
Online I have seen an organic grain mixture of 55% barley, 18% spelt, 14.5% wheat, 10% corn, 2.5% sunflower seeds can I give them that?”
➡️Wat would be the reason for adding this? Basically, they don’t need this if they have a balanced ration.

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