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Ask me anything session December 5

Q: “What is the treatment option for a horse with a tendon injury?
My horse has a hole in the check ligament, the veterinarian who did the ultrasound gave the advice to put her on a small area so she doesn’t run, cool the leg and walk in hand.
Now I hear many different stories that drive me absolutely crazy.
For a week I tried to keep her separate, but now just put her back with the herd and she is much calmer. We do cool every day because of the swelling and heat on the tendon, but I also heard that this might not be a good thing. Hand walking, I also hear different stories about that.
Not to mention the different opinions on treatments such as lasering, platelet injection, stem cell injection, leech therapy and everything like it….”
➡️ Unfortunately we cannot give you a ready-made treatment plan here. contact contact the practice. For injuries to the tendons, however, we can give you advice for inside support. MSM is very important for tendons and ligaments. In addition, Phytonics Tendon comp is a very nice remedy to stimulate blood flow and support the tendons from within. The liver is also very important, viewed from the perspective of Chinese medicine. For this, we often use Phytonics Liver comp.
On the site of Phytonics you can read more about it (external link).

In conversation with the Hoefslag Eric Laarakker once shared his views on box rest (external link).

Q: “My horse suffers from protein bumps quickly. He is 3 years old. I would still like to support him to build muscle properly. What would you recommend in terms of feed or supplement. He now only gets kibble and hay.”
➡️ It may make sense in cases like this to see if the lumps are really from protein or if it has another cause. And if so, why this arises.
From here you can then create a focused plan.
For building muscle, for example, Phytonics Muscle support is a nice supplement.

Q: “My dog has a slow thyroid, he gets Forthyron for this. He also has a leaky heart valve; he gets Vetmedin for this. Slow heart rate, around 40 beats per minute.
By itself it is going very well actually everything is under control.
But a year ago he developed a noise phobia and separation anxiety quite suddenly, now I have read somewhere that this may be related to his thyroid problem, do you guys know more about this and do you have any info about/a solution for this?
By the way, by managing everything well, it’s very good to deal with. It is a Catalan shepherd male, neutered, aged 13 years.”
➡️ This a medically too complicated question to answer like this. One of our veterinarians will be happy to help you. Click on this link for more information about the telephone consultation.

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