Ask me anything session December 5

Q: “What is the treatment option for a horse with a tendon injury?My horse has a hole in the check ligament, the veterinarian who did the ultrasound gave the advice to put her on a small area so she doesn’t run, cool the leg and walk in hand.Now I hear many different stories that drive me absolutely crazy.For a week

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Ask me anything October 17

Q: “Both of our ponies (19 and 30 years old) both tested for cushing this week, no results yet (unfortunately lost our other pony because of this).Once read that with cushing you can do something with herbs, what is your advice in this?” Phytonics Hypo balance is a nice complete product which can support this. If overweight, it can be

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Ask me anything session september 5

Question: “Do you have good advice for summer eczema/itching in horses. Itching not due to sugars but other factors.” The question is, what is the trigger of the itching. Only then can treatment be targeted. For animals that itch a lot, it can be useful to give a Detox in the spring and autumn to get rid of all the

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Ask me anything session August 22

Question, “When is the best time to give a horse a course of detox in the spring and fall?” ➡️ Yes Spring and Autumn there are indeed very good times to give a Detox. Provided, of course, that the animal is not sick at the time. With sick and weaker animals, this is only recommended in consultation with an expert.

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Ask me anything session August 8

Question: “What would you advice with an older dog regarding being stiff?” Assuming the stiffness is coming from the joints, you can choose Phytonics Joint comp, for example. A complete supplement, with all the building blocks to support smooth movement. In older animals you sometimes also see stiffness specifically in the lower back or an aggravation during wet and cold

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