Ask me anything session July 25

Q: “How can I provide additional support to my cat during recovery from a bone fracture?” ➡️ For this PUUR Osteo is extremely suitable! Possibly in combination with Traumeel. Get well! Question: what do you guys think is a good probiotic?” ➡️Phytonics and PUUR have a fine and good probiotics in their range. Bonusan and Orthica are also recommended.

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Ask me anything session May 9th

Question: “Do you have supporting products that can be used with long covid?”➡️ Vitamin D and zinc are important vitamins and minerals that support the body in this case. In addition, it is important to support the (overstimulated) immune system, for example with Phytonics Immu boost pro. In addition, it can be nice to support the airways with Phytonics Respi

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Ask me anything session December 20th

Question: “What do you recommend for a horse stomach ulcer?” It is very important to find the cause of stomach ulcers. Overall (feed) management is crucial in this regard. But also pain or discomfort elsewhere in the body. In some cases, a (short) treatment with antacids is necessary. The stomach can also be supported with, for example, Phytonics Gastri comp

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Ask me anything session 8 November

Question: “What do you recommend for trush (‘rotstraal’)?” ➡ With trush it is of course important to look at the management. Is the horse dry and clean? Treat externally with, for example, Hipposol or Hypozin. If it is persistent or recurring, it is advisable to conduct further research, we often see a disturbed intestinal flora that is related to this,

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