Ask me anything session December 20th

Question: “What do you recommend for a horse stomach ulcer?” It is very important to find the cause of stomach ulcers. Overall (feed) management is crucial in this regard. But also pain or discomfort elsewhere in the body. In some cases, a (short) treatment with antacids is necessary. The stomach can also be supported with, for example, Phytonics Gastri comp

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Ask me anything session 8 November

Question: “What do you recommend for trush (‘rotstraal’)?” ➡ With trush it is of course important to look at the management. Is the horse dry and clean? Treat externally with, for example, Hipposol or Hypozin. If it is persistent or recurring, it is advisable to conduct further research, we often see a disturbed intestinal flora that is related to this,

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Ask me anything 26 October

Question: “What type of patient does Erik like most for a treatment? People, dogs or horses?”➡️ What a fun question!Eric actually finds every living creature fun and interesting to treat, but if he really has to choose, he still chooses the horses. “Horses are huge mirrors and are so pure. I continue to find that beautiful and fascinating.” Question: “Is

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Ask me anything 11 October

Q: “Can navicular be cured”? ➡️ In the lower foot of the horse there is a mechanism that has a pulley effect, this is the navicular pulley. Located in the back half of each hoof, this area consists of the hoof joint, the navicular bone (navicular), the deep flexor tendon, and the bursa that lies between the deep flexor tendon

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Ask me anything August 30th

Ask me anything August 30th Question: “Where can I find the list of holistic therapists and vets?” For this we would like to refer you to Healthcare Academy Den Hoek: , Claudia is happy to help you. Question: “Is it possible to get a nutrition plan that best suits your dog and how will that be researched?” Yes you

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Ask me anything 19 July 2021

Ask me anything 19 July 2021 Question about titer test: What type of brand do you use for tittering. Do you also have the rapid test?” We use the VacciCheck ( ). We have had the Rapid test, but the vets prefer to work with the VacciCheck. Question: “I give Tess harmonics, because of vaccinations for Weil’s disease. How

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