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Ask me anything session

Ask me anything session september 5

Question: “Do you have good advice for summer eczema/itching in horses. Itching not due to sugars but other factors.” The question is, what is the trigger of the itching. Only then can treatment be targeted. For animals that itch a lot, it can be useful to give a Detox in the spring and autumn to get rid of all the

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Ask me anything session August 22

Question, “When is the best time to give a horse a course of detox in the spring and fall?” ➡️ Yes Spring and Autumn there are indeed very good times to give a Detox. Provided, of course, that the animal is not sick at the time. With sick and weaker animals, this is only recommended in consultation with an expert.

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Ask me anything session August 8

Question: “What would you advice with an older dog regarding being stiff?” Assuming the stiffness is coming from the joints, you can choose Phytonics Joint comp, for example. A complete supplement, with all the building blocks to support smooth movement. In older animals you sometimes also see stiffness specifically in the lower back or an aggravation during wet and cold

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Ask me anything session July 25

Q: “How can I provide additional support to my cat during recovery from a bone fracture?” ➡️ For this PUUR Osteo is extremely suitable! Possibly in combination with Traumeel. Get well! Question: what do you guys think is a good probiotic?” ➡️Phytonics and PUUR have a fine and good probiotics in their range. Bonusan and Orthica are also recommended.

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Ask me anything session May 9th

Question: “Do you have supporting products that can be used with long covid?”➡️ Vitamin D and zinc are important vitamins and minerals that support the body in this case. In addition, it is important to support the (overstimulated) immune system, for example with Phytonics Immu boost pro. In addition, it can be nice to support the airways with Phytonics Respi

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