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Phytonics Efipain

Phytonics Efipain is back

The recipe has been updated and improved.

Efipain relieves sensitivity in movement. Can be used for
smooth movement.

Provide dosed movement for sensitive joints and muscle and tendon injuries
. Short walks, especially rectilinear movements, promotes recovery.

To move more freely. Good for the nervous system.
Good for the stomach and liver. For a good

For humans and animals
In the Phytonics series, a number of products are available in veterinary (blue) and human (green) packaging. Started in 2010 for animals, the demand for the same products for humans quickly arose. The content is the same, only the label looks different due to the applicable regulations. In the future we would like to simplify this and opt for either a veterinary or a humane label. Within the Phytonics series, all ingredients are of ‘human grade’ quality. The phytotherapeutic products are suitable for every living being.

As a rule, the sensitivity to these agents is the same for humans and horses, regardless of the kilos. The dosage for adults is the same as for horses. The dosage for children 6-12 years is good for dogs and cats. Of course, supplementation according to need also applies here. Look closely at the reaction to the drops and adjust the dosage if necessary.

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